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    EA Quip Salt Chlorinators

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    Take the hassle and expense out of chlorinating your pool. Salt Water Chlorinators use electricity to convert salt into chlorine. As the chlorine gets used up, it turns back into salt, ready to be reused. You will need to initially ‘charge’ your water with Salt to a level of 6,000ppm. (A tear drop is about 7,000ppm and the ocean is 35,000ppm)

    Due to evaporation and splash out you will need to boost your salt levels once or twice a year to maintain the required salinity level.

    We recommend our 20amp chlorinators for pools up to 45,000L and our 30amp chlorinators for pools up to 80,000L

    Our Salt Chlorinators are available in either Standard or Self Cleaning options. The standard Chlorinators will need to have the cell removed and cleaned approximately every 2-3 months. The Self Cleaning Chlorinators have a reverse polarity function which eliminates the need for manual cleaning.

  • Pool Master Tri-Chlor Feeder

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    Part Number: DISP2200

    Our own NZ made Tri-Chlor Feeder takes the daily hassle out of looking after your pool. Fill this erosion feeder with our Pool Master Tri-Chlor Tablets and use the controllable valve to set how many chlorine is added to the swimming pool.

    Made from high quality PVC and ABS materials.