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    Algon’s Algatac

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    Part Number: Assorted

    Algon’s Algatac: Black and Green Algaecide is top quality product for the of algae blooms. It can be used to help remove algae problems already in the water or as a preventative product.

    Initial Treatment: Use 100ml per 5,000L of water.
    Maintenance Treatment: Add 10ml per 5,000L per month.
    Active Constituents: Complex blend of stabilised Copper salts and Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

  • Mr Floccit Crystal Cube (Twin Pack)

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    Part Number: CHEM2588

    Mr Floccit is the ultimate clarifier for a crystal clear pool. Mr Floccit works by catching fine particles (including algae spores)  that would normally pass through your filter and back into your pool. These fine particles are bonded together so they can then be filtered out of the pool.

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    Pool Master Floc

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    Part Number: Assorted

    Pool Master Floc is a heavy duty flocculant designed to settle suspended matter on the bottom of the swimming pool. Use Floc when dealing with very cloudy water.Please note that Floc will drop your pH and it will be necessary to rebalance afterwards.

    As Floc is a powerful bonding agent, it is important to ensure that Floc is not passed through the filtration system as it bond the filtration media together.

  • Pool Master Pool Pac Liquid Floc – 1L

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    Part Number: CHEM2578

    Pool Pac Liquid Floc is a convenient treatment for clarification of Swimming Pools.  It is stronger than Spa Master Clarifier and well suited to situations of extreme cloudiness.

    Unlike Pool Master Floc, Pool Pac has no effect on the water pH level.

    Dose Rate: Use 225ml per 10,000L for normal use or double in very dirty pools.

  • Spa Master Cartridge Cleaner – 1L

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    Part Number: CHEM2572

    Spa Master Cartridge Cleaner is a concentrated cleansing solution for the removal of dirt, oil, body fats, grease and film from filter cartridges and bag filters. Filter cartridges should be cleaned every 10-12 weeks in normal use.

    Dose Rate: Add 330ml of concentrated Cartridge Cleaner into a 10L bucket of water and soak the cartridge for 24 hours. Hose off and allow to dry before returning the cartridge to the filter housing.

  • Spa Master Defoamer – 1L

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    Part Number: CHEM2563

    Spa Master Defoamer suppresses undesirable foaming instantly and effectively. Foaming may be caused improperly balanced water chemistry, so firstly test your water and check that all results are in the correct range.

    If foaming persists it may be caused by body oils, body fats or agitation of the water. In these cases a quick dose of Spa Master Defoamer will settle the water.

    Dose Rate: Add 20-40ml of Defoamer per 1,000L. This is normally sufficient however, should the foaming not subside within one minute anther dose may be added.

  • Spa Master Spa & Pool Clarifier

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    Part Number: Assorted

    Use Spa Master Spa & Pool Clarifier when your pool is balanced but not sparkling, or to remove mild cloudiness from your hot tub, spa or swimming pool.

    Always dilute Spa & Pool Clarifier before adding to your pool. For best results dilute small amounts in a bucket of water and add to the water at the point furthest away from the filter inlet. For extreme cloudiness use repeated dosages or use Pool Master Liquid Floc.

    Hot Tub & Spa Pool Dose Rate: Add 20ml per 1,000L
    Swimming Pool Dose Rate: Add 70ml per 10,000L