2-Way Valves 40mm and 50mm

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We proudly manufacture our own range of high quality plumbing valves. These valves are widely distributed throughout New Zealand and Australia.
Teflon Valves have a distinctive Red handle.

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40mm (1½”) 2-Way Valve (VALV4415)
Widely used in swimming pools and spas to stop water flow and isolate seperate lines.


40mm (1½”) 2-Way Valve 90° (VALV4441)
Our 2-Way Valve in a convenient 90° configuration. 

40mm (1½”) 2-Way Valve Teflon (VALV4441)
Our high quality 2-Way Valve featuring a Teflon seal.

50mm (2″) 2-Way Valve (VALV4428)
A 50mm version of our 2-Way Valve.

50mm (2″) 2-Way Valve Teflon (VALV4443)
Our 50mm Valve featuring a Teflon seal.


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