Paramount Pools are a low cost Do-It-Yourself swimming pool that are proudly manufactured in New Zealand. Originally known as the Para Pool and Clark Pool, our swimming pools have long been a feature in kiwi backyards. Generations of children have learned to swim in Paramount Pools, and over the last 40 years thousands of families have decided to to make an investment that is better than a beach in your own backyard!

Our Lido swimming pools can be installed either in-ground or above-ground and are designed for a decked or tiled finish.



Features and Sizes

All Paramount Pools are made from high quality steel walls (made in Christchurch) and lined with a smooth, antislip ABGAL Liner (Made in Brisbane). The pump, filter, plumbing, stainless ladder, skimmer and cleaning vacuum equipment are also all made in New Zealand.

As a standard, all our swimming pool packages include:

    • Heavy duty steel components
    • High quality vinyl liner in either dark (navy) blue or light (sky) blue
    • Stainless Steel Pool Ladder
    • P450 Sand Filter
    • Pump with Hair and Lint Pot
    • Floating Hose and Pool Vacuum
    • Leaf Scoop and Handle
    • SP1500 in-wall skimmer
    • Startup Chemical Pack
    • Floating Chlorine Dispensor
    • Water Testing Kit
    • Water Treatment DVD and Guide to Water Treatment
    • Full Installation DVD, Manual and Instruction Books
    • Can alternatively be purchased as a pool only to update older Para Pool with existing filtration equipment
    • NB:  Lido Swimming Pools have special instructions for in-ground installations. Please contact us for more information.

Lido Oval Pools

Size Length Width Volume
1612 4.8m 3.7m 16,200L
2012 6.1m 3.7m 22,050L
2412 7.3m 3.7m 27,000L
2315 7.0m 4.5m 33,150L
2715 8.2m 4.5m 36,500L
3015 9.1m 4.5m 42,750L
3815 11.5m 4.5m 54,000L

Lido Round Pools

Size Shape Diameter Volume
1548 Round 4.5m 18,000L
1748 Round 5.4m 24,300L
2048 Round 6.1m 28,800L

To place and order or request further information, please contact us.


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