Satisfaction Guarantee

At Paramount Pools we place great value on customer satisfaction. We work continuously on improving every aspect of our business: from regularly reviewing our freight delivery times through to constantly seeking to improve our customer service and product lines.

As a part of this we welcome any comments and suggestions on our service and products. Please feel free to contact us via the form below. Or, if you would like to speak to a person please contact your local branch or phone our head office directly on (09) 634 9097.

Because your satisfaction is important to us, we offer a minimum two year warranty on our all products, increasing to several years on some products. Please refer to our Warranty page to see full terms.


PoolQuip (2018) Product Warranty for New Zealand

NB: Paramount Pools is the trading name of PoolQuip (2018) Limited

  1. The PoolQuip (2018) Limited Warranty is designed to protect your purchase over the first two years of its life to cover faulty parts or workmanship. The Warranty is a bench warranty, meaning it needs to be returned to PoolQuip for replacement or repair.
  2. Proof of Purchase must beprovided for all Warranty claims.
  3. The Warranty covers the cost ofparts. It does not cover the cost of labour, freight or the cost to remove orreinstall the equipment.
  4. The Warranty only appliesprovided the appliance or goods have been used in accordance with themanufacturers or their appointed agents instructions. The Warranty becomes voidif the problem is found to be caused by damage or misuse as a result of neglect.
  5. Installations must be inaccordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to comply with theseinstructions, damage or breakdown caused by fair wear and tear, waterimbalance, rain or other adverse conditions, misuse and repairs attempted by unauthorisedpersons are not covered under the Warranty.
  6. The Warranty applies to domestic use only.
  7. This Warranty applies to theoriginal purchaser only.
  8. Subject to any warrantiesimplied by PoolQuip, at no time will PoolQuip or its agents be liable for any lossof profits, or any consequential, indirect or special loss, damage or injury ofany kind whatsoever, arising directly from the product or any defect.
  9. Wearable items such as pumpseals, o-rings, filter cartridges and light bulbs are considered consumablesand are not covered by the Warranty.
Product Warranty
Sand Filter Tank 5 Years
Sand FilterInternals 2 Years
Sand Filter MPV 2 years
Cartridge FilterTank 2 Years
Spa Controller 2 Years
Spa Shell 7 Years Pro Rata
Spa Frame 7 Years Pro Rata
Spa Cover 2 Years
Salt Chlorinators 2 Years
Salt Cells 2 Years
FM Pumps 2 Years
Power Plus Pumps 2 Years
Premier Pumps 2 Years
Spa Blowers 2 Years
Lights (excludingBulbs) 2 Years
Paramount PoolsSteel 10 Years Pro Rata
Paramount PoolsLiner 5 Years Pro Rata